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"The Bridge between Industry and Academia"

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Target of the Program
Course Objectives
To be successful in a Commercial Insurance job, an agent needs to learn the ins and outs of the policies they are selling and work to understand and listen to the specific needs of their clients. Commercial insurance is very competitive and very service-oriented.
At the end of the course, the trainee should be able to:
(a) Apply principles of commercial insurance in the provision of insurance services.
(b) Apply general insurance knowledge and skills in insurance operations.
(c) Apply skills in handling insurance claims in commercial insurance operations.
(d) Apply principles of property insurance in commercial insurance functions.
1. ICA 301 Insurance Intermediation
2. ICA 301 Marketing and Selling Insurance Products
3. ICA 302 Underwriting: Arranging Insurance Contracts
4. ICA 303 Insurance Regulations – Insurance Law
5. ICA 303 Insurance Regulations – SFEs Guideline
6. ICA 304 Insurance Products – General Insurance and Life Assurance
7. ICA 304 Claims management
8. ICA 305 Introduction to Risk Management
9. ICA 305 Fundamentals of Insurance
10. ICA 305 Principles of Insurance
11. ICA 306: Cross cutting skills: Communication, Negotiation, Problem Solving
12. ICA 306 Cross cutting skills: Ethics, Customer Care, Account Management